Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions

The answers below are general in nature. Please contact us to get advice and a written quote for your specific needs

I have misplaced my keys, should I get entirely new locks fitted?

No. We can open most locks and simply change the inside code. This allows us to fit a new key so that the old key will not work anymore. This can save you a lot of money.

I'm locked out, will my existing key still work after you open my lock?

Yes. It is very rare for your key not to work as there is normally no damage to the lock. After we gain entry we can also recode your locks if your keys are lost, as there will otherwise be a security risk. If the keys are merely locked inside the premises, which is very common, then it is not necessary to recode the locks.

Can I get window locks and a padlock to work with my front door key?

Yes we can install window locks, and also make you up a padlock, to work with your standard front door key if required.

I want window locks fitted; can they all be on the same key?

Yes all your new widow locks can operate on the same key and we can often code your front door to match them all.

Can I have all my locks work with just one key?

Generally we can do this, which is very convenient for you as you do not have to carry a huge bunch of keys any longer nor sort out which is the correct key.

Can I get a padlock that will work with my front door key?

Yes. A padlock can be made so that it will work with nearly any standard front door or house key.

I would like window locks to be fitted; is it possible for them to be all on the same key?

Yes all your widow locks can operate on the same key.

Do we keep a record of key codes?

No. For your security we never record the codes of standard locks. However in the case of some high security systems we keep them registered but the keys are only issued to people authorised in writing.

How do we prevent opening up premises for unauthorised persons?

We require adequate proof of identification such as a current photo driver’s licence or passport with matching name and address, and a signed declaration that the person requesting the lock to be opened has the authority.


Is there a big difference in the quality of work between locksmiths?

Yes. Our locksmiths are all fully trained and qualified, they are all licenced and have spent many years increasing and perfecting their lock smith skills. Our work is always of the highest standard and integrity.

Can I have money if I supply the locks myself?

No Sometimes people are attracted to purchase a lock in a shop on price. This is often of reduced quality although it may look ok. Also people often purchase the wrong type of lock, meaning is not able to be fitted and then may have the problem of returning it.

What education is required to become a locksmith?

To qualify you must complete the prescribed TAFE course in mechanical engineering specialising in locksmithing. This usually takes at least 4 years to complete and includes an apprenticeship to a locksmithing company. You must also pass a police probity test and belong to an approved security organisation to obtain a police Security Industry Licence.

How do I know that the locksmith is qualified and has the necessary police licence to work on my locks? What else must I get?

Always ask to see their police photo Security Industry Licence and it's very important to check the class is 2C. If the person does not have that licence, do not permit them to work on your locks or allow then onto your property. They will be an unlicensed person and probably not qualified. Be warned.

Also be sure to receive a properly completed Tax Invoice, which of course we provide every time.

What are the advantages of using a licenced locksmith instead of a handyman?

A licenced locksmith has the expertise to accomplish most security work. They can also offer a genuine guarantee on it. We must also be approved by various security firms and obey a very stringent code of ethics.

Do locksmiths have a master key to fit all locks?

No. This is a myth. There are some low security locks which have a very small number of combinations for which there is a limited number of set keys. High security and emergency locks may be designed to open with a master key but this is only by special arrangement and limited to specified locks.

Can you copy a restricted key?

Yes we can copy keys to restricted systems licenced with our company.